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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 19, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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has asked themselves the question, am i nuts? is my behavior just quirky or am i really crazy? am i anxieties real or are they all in my head? today i'll reveal whether your quirks, dreams and anxieties are normal or not. i'm going to start with your dreams. dreams are your body's way of sending you a message about your health. dream analyst laurie is joining me today. how are you? >> i'm very well. dr. oz: help me educate everybody about dreams ima clue >> your body is very much connected to your brain. so if you start paying attention to and learning to understand your dreams, they'll give you messages about what's going on with your body. for example, they'll give you messages you're pregnant before you ever pee on a stick. it happened to me. they'll let you know if you're sick. they'll give you a heads up when you're ovulating. they'll let you know if a bout
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of depression or anxiety are on the way. dr. oz: laurie and i are going to walk you through your most common everybody about dreams ima clue to your health. >> your body is very much connected to your brain. so if you start paying attention to and learning to understand could see myself falling. t s i could feel myself falling. dr. oz: do you ever hit the ground? >> i always hit the ground. it's always in a grassy patch. no rocks. and i wake up with a jolt. that's what wakes me. so i wake up. my heart's beating because i've
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woken up that way. dr. oz: is a falling dream normal if you hit the ground? you guys, a whopping 87% of you when we polled you, said it was normal. let's look if you are all right. it turns out you are nuts. you're not alone. so many folks have dreams like this. i'm fascinated by falling dreams. if a falling dreamsets is the problem or the hitting the ground? >> the hitting the grounds is nuts. that's not normal. you're good testimony to the wives tail that if you hit the ground you die. if you are hitting the ground that's a good indication you might be traumatizing yourself over something you might feel bad about, something that's going in the wrong direction. you'll get it when you suffer a
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letdown in waking life. sometimes you'll get the falling dream when you're going into a depression. so what you want to do when you get the falling dream and when you hit -- and as with any dream, what you want to do is keep in tandem a dream journal with a day journal. so when you get the dream you can look at what happened the day before and see what triggers the falling dream. dr. oz: can you identify anxieties that might be correlating? >> nothing in particular. just normal life. work. illness. raising children. like everybody else. iveragets are you too hard on yourself? >> probably. probably. dr. oz: you're like so many folks, eespecially those of us who have falling dreams. for me it's an issue of curiosity but what makes me hit the ground one day and not the other? that's really the reason everybody interprets their dreams. it's just curious, look at what you've done before.
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thanks for sharing. the next dream everyone has is about being chased. you're sweating, yet chilled to the bone and you're running as fast as you can. someone is chasing you. you plead with your feet to go faster. but it's too late. as you're grabbed from behind you wake up in a cold sweat. are you nuts for thinking someone is going to get you? so camille says she has had chasing dreams for years. exactly who was chasing you? >> well, dr. oz, my husband is the one who i see when i turn around. i've been having the chasing dreams where i'm being chased. the scenery stays the same it's either at home or work, going up the stairs, down the stairs, going in circles but i can't get out of the scene. the scene stays the same. my heart races. i always wake up at the point before i'm caught but my heart just races it feels so real. and when i turn around i see my husband's face.
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i don't know what it means. i don't know if it's because he ts first face i see before i go to sleep. so that's like in my mind. what does this mean? dr. oz: is the chasing dream normal or not? awsions? 77% think it is normal. the vast majority have these or you like the idea of being chased. are they right? is it normal or not? it's normal. laurie, why is the chasing dream normal? >> well, the key element of what causes the chasing dream is avoidance. so whenever you're avoiding something in wakes life you're going to get the being chased dream. so what you want to look at your health first, ask yourself is there anything going on with your body, any aches or pains you need to have looked at. is there a doctor's appointment you need to have that you're not making it? is it always keep check of the dream and look at what happened the day before and see if you can connect the dots to what you were avoiding or running
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away from. dr. oz: at the end of the day we're not alone. we all have these dreams and reflections. try to make sense to find their purpose. whether your dreams are crazy or not doesn't mean you are. is your behavior normal? up next, whether your quirks are normal or nuts. turn your alarm clock to low. if it's too loud it can interrupt your dream and you won't remember it. up next. >> every bite. dr. oz: is that normal? the taste test with the weight loss secret. iveragets you will change the amount of food you eat in the day zoofment you begin to feel that high. and later the public rest room. down and won't function. is going gluten free the answer you've been waiting for? >> there are over 50 condition
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that is can be contributeable. >> the doctor thought i was crazy. >> zoo so many problems could be explained. iveragets the simple self-test to explain today. how to go free the right way. the secrets from the web. coming up
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[applause] dr. oz: we're back. we're looking at your quirky mavers. normal or nuts? psychologist dr. jen hartstein is here to help out. what is your quirky behavior? >> i have to smell my food before i eat it. every bite i have to smell my food. dr. oz: for your whole life, how long? >> probably for a few years but i never noticed it until i was out with my husband one night at a restaurant and he's like why
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are you doing that? stop it, it's fine. just eat it already. dr. oz: want to see this? here is some footage of you at dinner. here you are having a little bite there, enjoying it. i don't know if you knew this was happening. >> uh, no. dr. oz: apparently set the phone on the counter. audience, is this normal or nuts? we, again, polled you. 61% of our audience thought it was nuts. >> yeah. dr. oz: let's see whether or not it truly is nuts or not. smelling your food before you eat it is, it turns out, normal! completely normal. dr. hartstein. is this normal behavior? >> it's actually very healthy for you. it slows you down, makes you mindful of what you're eating and forces you to be aware of
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what you're doing, which could be helpful to your spiritual and mental health in the long run. dr. oz: let me do an experiment. i'm going to show you how important smelling your fooled is to tasting your food. there we go. is that blocking off your nose? >> yeah. dr. oz: let me hear you speak -- >> [speaking] dr. oz: that's right, nasal. dr. oz: i took two foods which taste very different from each other and i turn them up. when you smell them they smell very different but i'm going to see if you can taste a difference. trust me. i'm a doctor. there's the first one and here's the second one. compare those tastes. so very similar consistency. so you can't use your mouth to touch the food, so to speak.
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what do you think you were tasting? give me an idea. >> oh, gosh, apple sauce? i don't know. i can't smell it. dr. oz: what's the second one? >> it was more consistent, rubbery, almost like tuna fish, but i can't smell it so -- dr. oz: all right, let's take this off. you were having a banana that was paur rayed and a pureed potato. now that you see this and if you were to smell it at the same time there would be no question. if you smell your fooled the way you wisely do, you will change the amount of food you eat in a day. you'll eat about 100 calories per day, which translates to about 10 pounds less weight gained. that's why you're so slim. thank you very much. >> thank you, dr. oz. dr. oz: let's go to sherilyn.
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what is your quirky behavior? >> i must squeeze everything out of anything. every ounce. whether it's a conditioner bottle, shampoo, toothpaste. is that normal? dr. oz: pimples too? >> well, no. dr. oz: so things in tubes you have to get whatever is out no matter what. >> correct. dr. oz: what bothers you so much about leaving a little bit in a bottle of toothpaste? >> it's not the money so much but it's that i have to have in my mind every ounce is out of there. dr. oz: whatens if someone were to take a toothpaste that's almost anyoned and throws it away. >> are you kidding? i go in the garbage, take it apart. rip it, squeeze it to make sure that every ounce is out of there. dr. oz: i'm a little worried about the audience response. may i ask them anyway? audience, normal or nuts?
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yeah, that was -- we actually surveyed them. even before they heard your story, 75% think it was nuts. the actual result? normal or nuts? ooh. it's nuts. [applause] dr. oz: obsessing like that can be nuts because it causes you unnecessary anxiety. i made a demonstration for you. i'm going to show you why that urge to empty out a tube of toothpaste and stimulating your brain the way it does. every morning when you get up, when you start to squeeze out that toothpaste you get that little kick. go ahead now. squeeze it up a little bit. >> i have to start from the very end. dr. oz: everyone knows this. if i could get my kids to do
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that i'd be so proud of myself. my kids squeeze from up here. you're really doing it. let me help you a little bit. ooh. there's toothpaste that's not out. when this starts to happen, there are reseptemberors in your brain, dopamine and serotonin. if they get stimulated you feel that high, that real nice feeling that one has when you do just what you've wanted to do. keep going. it keeps going higher and higher. every little last drop. you can't stand it, it's so much fun. now -- that feels good, doesn't it? >> yes, it does. dr. oz: as high as you can go with serotonin. then what happens, the tube is done. and when the tube is done, you're done and that serotonin and dopamine begins to sink back down because you can't maintain that high. because you can't always be
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squeezing stuff out of tubes. what do you do? you start it up again with a second tube. that urge to keep squeezing comes again and then you're continuing that cycle. so the only quick fix is to keep doing it. >> the first thing we all have to do, because we all have different things this happens to us in. we have to address the anxiety. what would happen if you left it on the counter and didn't finish squeezing out the bottle but started squeezing the next tube of toothpaste? >> i don't know if i could handle that. >> the thing you have to try and do is three days. you have a little bit left on your toothpaste, you have to leave it on the bathroom counter. you see it, you don't do anything to it. you start the next one. after three days you can throw it away. you've started the next one. and do that with all the different kinds of bottom ols
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you have. you get used to seeing it not totally empty. the process stops. >> how long does it take? dr. oz: i'm betting that if you do that for three days, you train yourself to make it a shorter and shorter time. everybody out there causing themselves unnecessary anxiety, this is a tip you can use. fair enough? >> i'll try it. dr. oz: now, you're having trouble going in a bathroom in public? find out if that makes you normal or not. sometimes your bodies do quirky things. do you get a brain freeze when you eat cold snoods if so put your tongue on the roof of your mouth immediately. the heat from your tongue will reduce the prain. -- pain.
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[applause] dr. oz: are your anxieties normal or nuts? for some using a public bathroom is a big source of anxiety. i was surprised to hear what some women do to avoid peeing and pooping in a public toilet. >> i absolutely without a doubt cannot go to the bathroom in public. it's so gross and it's full of germs. i will drive home 80 miles per hour just to avoid the mall
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bathroom. >> i am totally embarrassed if someone hears me using the restroom. >> if someone walks on the other side of me, my coworker. what if they're closely listening? that's so disgusting. >> i will do anything to avoid using a public bathroom. one time i had to go so bad i used the cup in my car. and now i always have a cup handy. >> i go to stream measures to avoid using the bathroom in public. when forced to do so, i kind of go in the bathroom and i get a little shy and i completely shut down. is that normal? dr. oz: so courtney demits she's not used a public bathroom in years. what do you hate about going to the bathroom when it's a public bathroom? >> oh, my gosh, it's so creepy. it's not even the germs that are involved in the bathroom.
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it's the idea of someone in the next stall hearing me or knowing what i'm doing in my space. i prefer to go home in my own bathroom. when i'm forced to use a public bathroom, my bladder completely shuts down and won't function. i can't go. dr. oz: that's a big problem for a lot of folks. you get past the emotional issues and your bladder becomes shy. it's a physical reaction to anxiety. let me show you what's happening inside of you. you have the bladder in front. there it is. but look at the size. you actually have a tube coming out and muscles hold it in place and the bladder is supposed to squeeze to empty out that urine but if the muscle doesn't squeeze it doesn't create the pressure to push the urine through and nothing is going to happen. when you get stage fright and freeze up, the same thing
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affects the muscles of your bladder. psychologist jen hartstein is back with us. what's the first step to get past the anxiety? >> the first thing you have to do is go to the bathroom, expose yourself to the fear. step two, actually go into the stall. step three, use the bathroom. the more you expose yourself to it the better it will be. the less your anxiety will impact you. dr. oz: you also have an issue with germs that you've mentioned. germs for a lot of our viewers is a problem. i'm going to help you out. there's a website called sitor " users of this app on your phone rate public bathrooms based on they're cleanliness. likes this. once you're able to identify where you're going to go, then you can use the tips that dr. hartstein shared to get over
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your fright. i'm going to give you one more little todd: tip. everyone stand in the audience, if you don't mind. this is call it would pelvic push. this is the third tip. hold your right hand be neither your bellybutton on top of your bladder. squat down a little bit and as you're squatting down, squeeze down. who has to go to the bathroom right now? >> me. dr. oz: you do that to remind your baladder that it's got to go. it will let the urine come out and release that muscle that was paralyzed before. once it gets going it's off to the races. which one of those three tests do you like the most? >> uh, the squat. dr. oz: the squat? thank you for sharing your story. problems and solutions to help you sleep better tonight. don't miss it. >> up next, what's keeping you up at night?
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